How great audio-visuals can impact your business

Thank you for reading my first blog post on LinkedIn.I have been in the content creating industry for nearly 4 years after complete bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

First of, we started with Wedding Photography and slowly transitioned into Wedding Cinematography as well but I always felt we could something more, something better and then we started of QboxVisuals with an aim to provide high quality video production and post-production services for wedding and event professionals across the globe.

So why do you need audio-visuals content for your brand?

With 4G boom primarily due to Jio, India has witnessed an offset to massive consumption in data and increase in user outreach.India is projected to become the biggest consumer of data in the world overtaking USA and China within next few years which brings along new opportunities and challenges for marketing agencies and branding personnels.

You might remember, few years back blogging was the most hip thing and how we used to read blog and we used to hate blogs with images as it used to gobble up data and was too slow to load(due to dead slow internet connections).Then slowly we transitioned into more image intensive blogging platform where we used to put up cover photos to attract more readers.

Eventually from 2010 onwards after widespread(kind of) usage of youtube and other online video sharing platform, we slowly transitioned into Vlogging,remember 144p or if you were rich 360p?Those were the days of experimenting with every new aspect of video production, people started to share tutorials and so many good stuff which helped millions of people across the globe.

But Jio changed everything,literally everything!

Although it forced 3 of the major companies to the brink of bankruptcy (Aircel,Idea,Rcom.). It gave a new meaning and dimension to content creators across the country.

If you use Facebook or any other social media platform, you will see the massive transition in past 2 years.Almost all of them have moved to audio-visual advertisement,wondered why?

Because attention span has reduced and if youre looking to make an impact on the viewer you need to stimulate your audience and entice them with your services/product.Guess how?

Humans have 5 senses : Sight,Hearing,Taste,Smell and Touch.Guess which one can you virtually stimulate?

If you guessed Sight and Hearing then you’re absolutely correct.With surge of data consumption we have found a unique and easy way to put out great audio-visual content which can stimulate a viewer and entice or generate interest.

So if you were given an option of reading this article or watching a video on the same, which one would you prefer? If you said- video then you know what I am trying to convey.

Making quality audio-visual content is not only effective in creating brand awareness,it’s also economical and has long term value in terms of creating a brand value and images.

Ever wondered why Shoppers Stop always uses black and white images for their marketing and promotion? You’re right! to create a brand value and recognition.

Thank you for reading through this article,I hope you found this artcle useful.

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