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What Is Whiteboard Animation? Who Is This For?

Consider your typical classroom board where teachers make you understand a topic visually while teaching you verbally.

So this is a medium of an audio-visual method of education.

In this digital age, you don’t need your audience or student to be physically present rather using this method you can convey your message or information to anyone watching your videos online or offline.

While using great visuals you are adding audio material which helps in conveying your message to the viewer.

If you are looking to produce a video with actors and high production value then you will have to spend a considerable amount of money, effort and time into planning and creating a video which conveys your message

With whiteboard animation – as there’s no involvement of any actors of a production team, you are only dependent upon few factors while producing the same.

Whiteboard animation is effective both in terms of quality and duration required to produce one.

Whiteboard is ideal for everyone, specifically for :

-Startup businesses




Whiteboard animation is very useful in reaching out to your target audience, also you can reuse whiteboard animation in different languages by just changing voiceover into different languages which helps you to repurpose your content for long-term usage.

How Can We Make Online Training Videos in India?

To make high-quality training videos, you need to have some hardware and software but most importantly – you need to have a vision regarding the output you are looking forward to.

If you invest 3000$ into pieces of equipment but no vision, you will have a hard time creating something of value.

I would strongly suggest you go through few online courses which are available for free on the internet to help you develop and understand your style of desired output after which you can put together pieces of hardware and software to make it into a reality.

Initially, you might face some troubles and quality issues, in that case, consult a professional who is/are engaged in producing it in a high-quality videos after which you can either outsource the work and focus on your strengths which in turn will give you much better return on investment.

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