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Is Photography a Good Career Option in India?

Is Photography a Good Career Option in India?

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In this video we discuss about Photography,specially wedding photography as a career option in India.We have been in Wedding photography and cinematography for nearly 4 years and we have seen many ups and downs withing than relatively short period of time.

As job market is getting automated day by day and with massive globalisation and ‘free universities’ like Youtube and other content sharing platform where people are coming together and sharing their knowledge with the world and helping other with developing their skills.

Many are opting for wedding photography and cinematography as a career but we have to keep in mind that we generally cannot generate millions of dollars through photography alone if we don’t have any clear vision for the same. Also to make a mark and stand out from the crowd you need to work really hard and practice and practice to create our own style which will help you differentiate from others.

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