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We are a Kolkata, India based company engaged in Content Marketing Services, Customer Data Mining to help you grow your business, brand and create long term audience & customers

How we help

Get Customer data

We provide verified & genuine customer data from Linkedin, Google, Justdial as per your requirement so you can reach out to them & generate business + revenue easily

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Whatsapp & Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing in Uganda explained | Palnode

Email + Whatsapp is still the KING of marketing, we provide mass email marketing, SMS marketing & Whatsapp Marketing to help you reach & keep your customer, audience updated


branding + marketing

Want to build your brand? We help you branding + marketing to help you develop unique identity for better brand value and customer loyalty

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content writing

3 Top Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed

Content writing helps you with SEO, google search discovery, deliver information to customers and generate leads. With our automated system, we can deliver SEO optimised content fast & low cost

content marketing

Content is the best & cheapest form of marketing tool which is used globally from BYJU’s to Microsoft to attract new & existing customers. Content Marketing can help you establish your brand online, get more customers and generate more income for your company

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video creation

How to make short videos | Adobe

We provide high-quality video content for your content marketing, social media for product demo, tutorial, promo, spokesperson videos to create high value impact

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